1 lb. Sichler's New Mexico Dried Red Chile Pods

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This year's fresh crop of Sichler's red chile pods are grown in the New Mexico Rio Grande Valley.  They are sun-dried on the plant and hand sorted. The red chile pods are used to make a wonderful red sauce that can be added to almost any dish, and are especially good on red chile enchiladas, tamales, in frito pies or on Huevos Rancheros.


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3 Reviews

Claudia Gonzales 19th Jan 2021

Medium Red Chile pods

Love the medium blend!! So tasty and has a good bite but not too Hot!!

Milton D Garcia 20th Dec 2020

Red Chili Pods

Bag of pods provided were of high quality and service in completing order was exceptional. It is nice to deal with a credible vendor of NM Traditional food.

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