1 lb. New Mexico Chicos

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Our chicos are grown in Moriarty, New Mexico. The sweet corn is harvested a few days after it is fresh market ready in order that the kernels are nice and plump.  The corn is put into an orno, an outdoor oven used by the Native Americans and first Hispanic peoples of New Mexico, where the corn is cooked slowly overnight.  The corn husk is then removed and the corn is placed in the air and sun dried for about two weeks.  The kernels are then cleaned and bagged ready for market.  Chicos are an amazingly rich, gourmet food that is added to pinto beans for a rich nutty flavorful traditional New Mexico meal. 

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6 Reviews

Matt 27th Dec 2019

Superb Chicos

Chicos have been a part of my extended family Christmas breakfast tradition forever. I've had many different chicos in my 57 years and these rank up there with the best of them. Nowadays, what appears to me as hominy is often sold as chicos. These from Sichlers are the real deal. These are a little sweeter than any I have tasted and have a nice touch of smoky flavor...they certainly are unique without departing from what I consider authenticity.

I do them simply. Soak overnight then simmer in chicken broth and water with onion, pork hocks and a bit of chile.

Really great chicos. Please keep producing them! It's harder and harder to find good ones.

Sue N. 10th Apr 2019

Exploring chicos

I have heard about chicos, but have never cooked or tasted them. They sound really interesting, and I love to cook. I did some on-line research about chicos, and was able to learn the difference between those made the traditional way, and those using newer, faster method. I ordered these, as they are made traditionally. The reviews on them are very good. I am looking forward to cooking with them; it will be a learning experience for me. I will probably order some to send to my nephew, who is an excellent and innovative cook.

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