10 lb. New Mexico Pinto Beans

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As of now, April 2020, the New Mexico pinto beans have been sold out entirely, however our vendor is able to get delicious pinto beans from Colorado. Until harvest time next September we will be providing these beans in place of the Estancia Valley New Mexico beans.

Our pinto beans are grown in the Estancia Valley, known as the bean captial of the world. Pinto Beans have been a New Mexican staple for generations. They are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. They can be used in the traditional way as a main or side dish. They can be used as a bean dip or in a tortilla as a burrito, or even baked in cakes and pies. The new crop of pintos is harvested in late September.

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7 Reviews

Theresa Hanretta 5th Apr 2020

5 star Pinto Beans!

If you are not shopping at Sichler's Farm (either at their summer farm stand in Albuquerque or at their online store) for your pinto beans and chile then you are definitely missing out!! Estancia Valley pintos are prized statewide. And pinto beans without chile? No way! No one roasts chile better than Sichler and the way they package the roasted chiles is exceptional. Great beans, great chile, and great customer service!

Kevin R. Nelson 23rd Mar 2020

Great Beans

I lived in NM for several years and grew to love pinto beans in the many ways they are prepared. Sichler’s beans are the finest I’ve ever had- each week these beans with green chilies brings back enchanting memories of NM in the most savory way. Their service is excellent.

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