18" Treated Chile Ristra

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Available in late November 2020.

Chile ristras are the unique "welcome" symbol of New Mexicans. These beautiful strings are hanged at front doors, gates, and in patios as a way to welcome guests.

Traditionally, the native peoples would string their chile loosely to dry for the purpose of perserving their chile for later use.  

Our treated, non-edible, chile ristra is made from New Mexico red dried chile pods.  They are all hand-tied and then treated to preserve the chiles.

The coating is a darker red then the natural chile ristra and has a glossy look. The coating helps the chile to maintain its beauty longer, and these ristras tend to do better than the natural ristras in more humid climates. This beautiful ristra makes a great house-warming gift for any home in New Mexico or far away.


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1 Review

19th Sep 2017

Beautiful ristra

Last year I bought the natural ristra, this year the treated one and it is so beautiful, deep red and shiny. I absolutely love it! Both a great!

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