Sichler's Frozen New Mexico Green Chile

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Shipping for 2020 green chile will start September 8, 2020.

Our chile is known for its flavor, freshness, and quality.  It is flame roasted to perfection, packaged whole, NOT peeled. It is then frozen and delivered, overnight, to your home in convenient packages that weigh between 12 oz. to 1 lb.  Our fresh chile comes in the following varieties: , X-Hot, Hot, Medium, and Mild.

You may customize your package to include the heat level(s) you prefer.

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4 Reviews

Rebecca Barrett 30th Sep 2015

Food is memory, and this is a very good one

I was so happy to find Sichler's! We grew up in Belen and every year had these awesome chiles. They are like no other, believe me. After my mom passed away, there weren't any more Sichler's; but now I can get them! These are the same wonderful chiles I had growing up. Worth every penny.

Stephen P. 23rd Sep 2015

Deliciousness Delivered.

Just received our order a few days ago, and I've already had two Green Chile Philly Cheesesteaks.

Anyone who's had SICHLER'S GREEN CHILES knows they ARE THE BEST. is no different.

Easy to Order. Quick Delivery. And you're ordering from a Family-owned Farm where the people are passionate about what they do, and are truly thankful to their customers.

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