12" Natural Full Round Chile Piquin Ristra

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Our natural (edible) round chile piquin ristras are hand-made from New Mexico grown piquin chile. It is not sprayed with any type of preservative.

The chile strings are beautiful hanging indoors, or on a patio or porch. Give a gift of Southwest tradition to your friends, family and guests. 


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3 Reviews

Del 16th Feb 2015

Beautiful and delicious

The 12-inch ristra (really a generous 15 inches) came beautifully packed. It's a really full ristra and looks wonderful in the kitchen. I use these peppers for all recipes that call for red pepper. They hold their color for a long time (natural)

Katrina Lomax 14th Jan 2014

brilliant red, eye catching chilli's, packed full of chillis

This is the 3rd time I am buying the 18" ristras. I purchased them once from Sichler while visiting NM a couple of years ago and now buy every year. I am always satisfied! I always place them at either side of the doorway for good luck. My home, my sisters, my friends. These LAST a LONG time. I always get so many complements. People stop all the time to ask about them. The peppers are bright and maintain their shape & quantity. I did shellac last years to make sure they lasted, and they have. But you can buy the treated ones from Sichler. This is a beautiful string of tightly strung chili's. Just awesome!

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