12 oz. Sichler's New Mexico Green Chile Powder

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The green chile powders are made from New Mexico fresh green chile. The chile is diced, dehydrated, and ground into powder. This gourmet spice is used as seasoning, or can be made into a green chile sauce, or used as a rub. 

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3 Reviews

Randy Peukert 10th Apr 2023

Awesome Green Chile Powder!

The green chili powder tastes incredible!
I use it on almost everything. Taste great on eggs, stews of every sort, even cottage cheese.
I highly recommend!

William Schmidt 9th Oct 2022

Green Chile Powder Review

I sent this green chile powder to a family member as a simple seasonal gift. After receiving it, the person was very, very happy with the powder, and unbeknownst to me Sichler Farms had added a gift card and a packet of chile seeds to the order, making what seemed to be rather steep shipping charges a lot easier to accept. All in all a great way to make people happy with something hot and New Mexico True

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