1 lb. Sichler's New Mexico Dried Red Chile Powder


Our vibrant, quality red chile powder is made from sun-dried New Mexico chile. It is traditionally used to make red chile sauce, salsas, and soups. It can also be used as a seasoning or as a marinade to add a little bite and amazing flavor to your favorite meal.

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Ed Archuleta 6th Dec 2022

Hot Red Chili Powder

Perfect! This was exactly what I was looking for. I made a pot of red chili and it was delicious. Fantastic New Mexico red chili and I'm happy I found Sichler Farm. Thank you!

Elizabeth Pence 26th Oct 2022

Red Chile Products

All your red chile products in powder or pod form are superior tasting to any other in my experience. Even as a child, my mother who had tasted and cooked chile from all over New Mexico would always go to Sichler farm to get her red chile. It is delicious, better than red chile from any other region of New Mexico that I have tasted. I am so glad I am able to order this on-line wherever I live.

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