1 lb. Sichler's New Mexico Clean Dried Red Chile Pods


Our New Mexico grown sun-dried red chile pods are hand-cleaned with stems and most of the seed removed for quick and easy preparation. This one pound package is equivalent to almost two pounds of chile that is has stems, blemishes, and seeds left on.  Approximately half the weight of the chile is lost through the chile cleaning process. We recommend that you place the entire bag of chile in the freezer, to keep fresh, until you are ready to make the delicious red chile sauce.  This package will yield approximately 5.5 pints of red "gold" chile sauce depending on its consistency.


Please place the chile pods, that are packaged in a plastic bag, directly into your freezer as soon as you receive it if you don’t plan on making it right away.  If not, please take it out of the plastic bag and place in netted bag or brown bag so that chile can breathe.  This will ensure the chile’s freshness and keep it from getting moldy.




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22 Reviews

Ron huebner 25th Mar 2020


Your dried red and fresh green chile's are always the best in the Rio Grande valley.

Darren DeYoung 24th Jun 2019

Excellent quality, attention to detail.

Bought 5lbs last year and was very impressed. Never bitter, still nicely pliable, quality excellent. This years batch was already stemmed and seeded when I got it which was a nice touch. Sauce is bright and silky smooth, with excellent chile taste. You have me sold!

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