1 lb. Sichler's New Mexico Clean Dried Red Chile Pods


Our New Mexico grown sun-dried red chile pods are hand-cleaned with stems and most of the seed removed for quick and easy preparation. This one pound package is equivalent to almost two pounds of chile that is has stems, blemishes, and seeds left on.  Approximately half the weight of the chile is lost through the chile cleaning process. We recommend that you place the entire bag of chile in the freezer, to keep fresh, until you are ready to make the delicious red chile sauce.  This package will yield approximately 5.5 pints of red "gold" chile sauce depending on its consistency.


Please place the chile pods, that are packaged in a plastic bag, directly into your freezer as soon as you receive it if you don’t plan on making it right away.  If not, please take it out of the plastic bag and place in netted bag or brown bag so that chile can breathe.  This will ensure the chile’s freshness and keep it from getting moldy.




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27 Reviews

Lucas Anderson 8th Sep 2020

Red Chili Pods

These are some of the freshest and flavorful chili pods I can recall buying. Very deep red with a great scent to them. They cooked well and made a fantastic red chili sauce. Shipping was fast and easy. I recommend buying from this farm.

Lucas Anderson 26th Aug 2020

High quality chili

My wife is from Los Lunas, so I’ve been brought into the chili world 10 years ago. I can tell you, this is high quality chili. The texture, smell, and look is perfect for dried red chili. It’s fresh. The taste is restaurant quality! Great purchase and we will use them again!

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