1 lb. Anasazi Beans

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Our Anasazi beans are grown and harvested in Colorado.  The Anasazi bean is really an amazing gem full of nutritional goodness.  It is packed with cancer fighting agents, it is also used to treat and prevent diabetes, it can combat inflammation, and it can improve heart health, and boost the immune system...not bad for a little beautifully colored burgundy and white nugget.  The Anasazi bean also has a rich history as it has been grown the the Southwest region for generations by Native American tribes.  It was discovered in a clay pot during excavation in the mid-1900's.  We know we will like the Anasazi since it is the cousin to our New Mexico Pinto Bean.  It turns a light pink color when it is cooked and is a more mild flavored bean, and it cooks more quickly than our Pinto Bean. The Anasazi can be used in your favorite Pinto Bean recipes.  It might just be a good time to give the Anasazi a place at your next bean meal!!

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2 Reviews

Catherine 28th Apr 2021

Anasazi besns

I purchased these as a gift for my brother.
He loved them!!!
Thank you

Fil 3rd Feb 2021

Anasazi Beans

Wow. Nice looking beans and very good eating. Delicious.

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