10 lb. New Mexico Pinto Beans

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We carry Estancia Valley, New Mexico pinto beans that are grown by Ness Farms.  The pinto bean - "frijole" is a family staple that is served up with chile at the family dinner table almost everyday.

The pinto bean is nearly the perfect food, according to health experts, because of its excellent nutritional value.  They can be easily stored in a cool, dry place and have a long shelf life.


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2 Reviews

Carol 6th Jul 2022

New Mexico Pinto Beans

These are the very best beans you will ever love, you can only buy them in Estancia in New Mexico from Sichler's Farm. These are the only beans I ever buy.

Ruby 19th May 2022

Pinto Beans

These pinto beans have a good flavor and are so good!!!!
I only purchase my beans Estancia Farms.

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