1 lb. New Mexico Horno Chicos


Our chico sweet corn is grown in the mild, cool climate of Northern New Mexico where the sugar's of the corn set so well.  The sweet corn is harvested a few days after it is fresh-market ready so the kernels are nice and plump. The corn is put into an horno, an outdoor oven used by the Native Americans and first Hispanic peoples of New Mexico, where the corn is cooked slowly overnight. The corn husk is then removed and the corn is placed in the air and sun dried for about two weeks. The kernels are then cleaned and bagged ready for market. Chicos are an amazingly rich, gourmet food that is added to pinto beans for a rich nutty flavorful traditional New Mexico meal. 

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J.C. Kemmer 10th Nov 2022


Sweet, unusual, and delicious. The best kept food secret in my experience. We made them with pinto beans, chiles, and homemade flour tortillas.
Expect future orders.

Carol 21st Sep 2022


Bought two pounds at the beginning of the month, made them with beans… so good! Ordered another 2 pounds that I plan to give them as gifts!

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