12 oz. New Mexico Blue Corn Meal

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Our Blue Corn Meal is made from whole blue corn that is very popular in the Southwest. It is still planted and harvested by many Native Americans who use corn in many of their ancestral traditions.  Blue corn meal is used in recipes to make pancakes, breads, corn chips, blue corn tortillas, and is made into a thick, nutritional soup or drink known as Atole.  Our mix is an easy and convenient way to get this highly nutritious grain into your everyday meals.

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2 Reviews

Holly 25th May 2020

Quality product

I’m a NM native and moved out-of-state. I have to order NM staples like blue cornmeal online. Sichlers by far provides the best service, process, and quality! The blue cornmeal arrived quickly and in perfect, fresh condition!

19th Feb 2019

Fresh tasty cornmeal

Good taste, with a cornbread recipe on the package. Thanks

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