12 oz. New Mexico White Corn Posole

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Posole is a traditional Southwestern dish that is a New Mexican favorite especially in the cold months.  It is a hearty stew that can be cooked with pork, beef or chicken.  Native Americans taught Spanish settlers their technique for drying corn in order to preserve it.  Europeans added the meat and New Mexicans added chile!  What a great simple and delicious dish.

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2 Reviews

arthayze@yahoo.com 27th May 2019

Excellent posole but my god the shipping cost?

Best dry posole I’ve found but the shipping charges are excessive.

Natalie Sunflower 9th Apr 2019

Out Of My Love for New Mexico

I love anything from NM, where I lived for many years. I miss the food for sure, and was anxious to make Posole. This is where you can find the best. I haven't made it yet, but when I have mad it in the past, it has never disappointed. I love their products.
Thank you so very much for supplying us with the best !!!

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